SpaceCamper Hot Water Set WaschBernd - e.g for. VW T6.1, T6, T5

The camping product you have been searching for: The first mobile water heating station for vans such as the VW Bus. It heats water very easily via the parking heater.

  • In a short time, 20 liters of hot water are ready for cooking, showering and washing up
  • No customisation required: The air outlet of the air heater heats the water
  • Practical water backpack: Easy to fill and easy to transport. Fetching water made easy!

The water heating set "WaschBernd" consists of:
a heat sink for the air heater outlet with has a water-saving pump
a 20 liter water backpack with a water-saving pump and shower sprayer

SpaceCamper Hot Water Set WaschBernd - e.g for. VW T6.1, T6, T5

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1x Wasserrucksack
1x Wärmetauscher
1x Wärmetauscher

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Price as configured: ‚ā¨289.00

SpaceCamper Hot Water Set WaschBernd - e.g for. VW T6.1, T6, T5

Instant delivery (2-6 working days)

  • Shipping to UK possible
  • Encrypted orders with secure payment methods

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With the WaschBernd there is now a simple solution for hot water for many campervans..

Hot water quickly ready for use

Turn the heater on and sit back: In about 30-45 minutes, the water in the water backpack should be hot.

Complete set with very small space requirements

This hot water system is stored in a practical, portable bag.

The mobile water heating station for vans such as the VW-Bus

Most camping buses today are equipped with an air heater. However, only a few have hot water due to the fact that the equipment required for this is usually expensive. The solution to this problem is the "WaschBernd" a new innovative product by SpaceCamper. A heat sink on the air outlet of the air heater is used to warm water in a specialized backpack, while the air heater runs.

How does it work?

The assembly instructions can be found here:

Assembly intructions backpack

Assembly instructions heat sink

Have access to warm water during any season of the year

With the "WaschBernd" you are not bound by the weather and do not have to hope for enough sunshine as with solar showers. On a ski trip, you can just fire up the air heater, and when you get back, not only do you have a warm car, but a hot shower is waiting for you as well. Kitesurfers and other water sports enthusiasts, who often come back to the bus fatigued, can now also enjoy the warm water. The pumps operate on the power provided by the cigarette lighter. This requires a USB charging plug (ideally double USB, so that both pumps can run simultaneously). Optionally, the WaschBernd can also be used with a power bank (at least 3A). The backpack has a small pocket in the front for the power bank.

Hot water readily available - even outside your bus

Whether you want to use it as a shower or to wash down sports equipment or the dog: The water backpack is portable and can be quickly hung up for use. It also makes fetching water easier, as the water bag can be carried as a backpack or by its straps. Due to the flexible materials that the backpack is made of, it is also easy to fill and fits under any faucet, unlike canisters. Great for Festivals!

Set the temperature and keep your water warm

Unbeatable advantages of the water heater set: Not only can the desired temperature be set, but using two pumps, which are attached on the right and left of the backpack, one can use the shower spray and at the same time also have the water heated via the heat sink. Thus the warm water does not need to be quickly used before it cools down. You can always tap off as much water as you need with the shower head while the rest remains at the desired temperature.

Get your "WaschBernd" today!

What else do I need as to be able to use the WaschBernd?

For the assembly you will require:
a Phillips screwdriver
a wire cutter (or similar flat pliers)

For the power supply of the pumps you will require:
a USB car charger (for cigarette lighters) - ideally with two ports, as to be able to use the pumps simultaneously. Thus, the showerhead can be used while the heat sink continues to heat the water. Optionally, power can also be supplied via a power bank (The system requires at least 3Ah, at lower Ah the pump does not work).

Safety information

The water bag incl. accessories must be stowed safely during the journey. It should only hang on the backrest when the vehicle is stationary. The water temperature in the backpack can reach well over 40 degrees due to prolonged exposure to the sun or prolonged use of the heat exchanger. Therefore, always check the temperature before use. Burn hazard! The temperature display only serves as a rough estimate.

The water bag should only be cleaned by hand. Use a mild detergent in warm water. Then rinse several times with clean water.

Additional Information

SKU sc0107
Manufacturer SpaceCamper
Colour Black/Grey
Material PVC (BPA-frei), Silikon
Dimension Water bag with 20 Liter Volume: 60 cm height x 35 cm width x 18 cm depth // Heatsink: 9 cm height x 13 cm width x 11 cm depth
Pack Dimensions Water bag in storage bag: 35 cm height x 25 cm width x 20 cm depth // Heatsink with accessories in storage bag: 20 cm height x 30 cm width x 20 cm depth
Included in delivery Water bag (with USB-pump, Straps, Connection System, Shower head with hose, Storage bag) // Heatsink for air heater (with Silicone adapter, Wire hook, Pump, Pipe system, Neoprene guard, Screws, Storage bag)
Weight 2.5 kg
Suitable for All air heaters with air vents on the B-Pillar of the vehicle like in the VW-Bus or VW Caddy



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