Inside your Camper

Inside your Camper

Your van is meant to be your home - and that's why everything you need to feel comfortable has to be within your own four walls. But since we only have a few square meters of space in the campervan, well thought-out equipment is key. We need something to fill the smallest corner with useful items, something that is ready for use in just a few steps, and something that stows away all the essentials in a small pack - without any loss of comfort.
Sleeping Bags & Beds
Nothing gets in the way of a relaxing vacation with these soft mats, sleeping bags and safe cribs.

Outdoor Kitchen
From a foldable camping stove to a fork you will find everything for delicious dishes and the uncomplicated camping kitchen here

You can never have enough storage space and practical storage options when camping.

Nothing gets loose: With our practical fasteners, everything stays in its place