Attached to your Camper

Attached to your Camper

The best shelter from the sun, rain and prying eyes: This equipment is easy to attach to your van and create more living and storage space, more privacy and a perfect indoor climate in no time. Let in plenty of fresh air with our practical mosquito net and ventilation grille, use additional space with a sun sail and rear tent or expand your trunk with a rear transport box.
Rear Tent, Sun Awning & Bus Canopy
You are well protected from wind, rain and heat with the fitting sun awning or our popular rear tent.

Covers & Mosquito Net
At the front, the darkening system ensures that the van stays at a comfortable temperature. At the rear, the mosquito net keeps nasty insects at bay.

With our Airvents for the side windows, there is always enough fresh air coming into the bus without the door and gate being open

Organization & Transportation
For more tidiness when camping and storage space even for bulky accessories, check our practical equipment.