Moskitonetz Netz
The SpaceCamper mosquito net as an all-rounder: More than just an insect screen for your VW bus
The mosquito net for the T6.1, T6 and T5 can be completely closed and is thus suitable, among other things, as a splash guard when showering
In cool weather it protects from wind and contributes optimally to insulation
The mosquito net for the van provides protection from unwanted glances and light
The mosquito net from SpaceCamper protects ecologically friendly from insects
With the variable opening, the mosquito net quickly and easily adapts to any situation
Easy handling via fastening loops
Also protects your luggage in the trunk from unwanted glances
The fastening loops of the mosquito net are easily connected with the corresponding button
In the trunk everything is protected from view and yet you can easily get to the camping equipment
Technical drawing of the mosquito net
More flexibility through a simple attachment
The lower part of the mosquito net is held in windy weather on two mounting screws on the right and left side
The rubber tab is additionally hooked loosely into the second hole at the bottom
The elastic band on the top edge keeps the mosquito net in place even in damp conditions
The lower part of the mosquito net hangs down loosely

SpaceCamper Mosquito Net for VW T6.1, T6 and T5

More than just an insect screen for the tailgate

  • Protection from mosquitoes, insects and co.
  • Protection from unwanted glances and incoming light
  • Protection from wind & cold temperatures
  • Protection from splashing water at the rear shower
  • .

SpaceCamper Mosquito Net for VW T6.1, T6 and T5

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SpaceCamper Mosquito Net for VW T6.1, T6 and T5

Instant delivery (2-6 working days)

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  • 2% discount for prepayment
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Original product in exclusive distribution

Based on the experience of SpaceCamper's engineers and their customers, this mosquito net was developed, ready to ace any test

Shielded from insects and from view

The variable mosquito net protects your luggage and the inside of your bus from prying eyes, while also keeping off bugs

Flexibility for all kinds of uses

A flexible opening, easy access to your luggage and the simple way to remove the mosquito net make it a great addition in any situation

The Spacecamper Mosquito Net

Mosquitos and other insects are often unwelcome visitors during camping holidays. However, you don’t have to go without fresh air. The SpaceCamper mosquito net, which attaches to the back of your VW T6.1, T6 or T5, under the rear hatch, protects you from mosquitos reliably and in an environmentally friendly way.

The mosquito net is a multi-talent

However, it offers not only protection from mosquitoes. It shields the sleeping area and trunk from prying eyes and also creates a pleasant indoor climate. In warm temperatures, the SpaceCamper mosquito net lets a lot of air through. In cool weather, it protects against wind and, in combination with the tailgate, provides a closed air space that contributes optimally to insulation. By opening and closing the blackout, the amount of light and airflow can be adjusted to your needs. Last but not least, it is also the ideal splash guard for a rear shower.

How to attach the mosquito net to the VW bus

The assembly instructions as PDF file (DE)

Via magnets and an elastic band, the net is quickly attached and can even remain permanently attached when the door is closed. With the double zippers, the SpaceCamper mosquito net is very easy to open from the inside and from the outside.

Three options are available in the top window:

  • Open window completely
  • Mosquito net
  • Close window blind

The lower part of the mosquito net hangs down loosely or is held in place by two mounting screws on the right and left in windy conditions. So nothing stands in the way of a quick grab to the luggage.

Does the mosquito net fit in a California Beach or with swing doors?

You can attach the mosquito net in California Beach like in any T5 or T6. However, when you close the rear hatch it's better to loosen the lower half of the mosquito net. Otherwise the rear hatch with its camping furniture could apply too much pressure on the net.
With double wing doors it's better to remove the mosquito net before closing the doors. The latch may damage the mosquito net.

The Mosquito Net Video

We show you how to use the mosquito net in your bus:

Video instructions how to attach the mosquito net

You want to see more details about the setup?

This older video shows a step by step instruction how to put in the magnets and attachments:

Link to video

Is there anything else I should be aware of?

For all models, make sure that the screws for the mounting tabs are placed so that the center hole of the tab can be used without tension. So you extend the life of the tabs.

Additional Information

SKU sc0001
Manufacturer Spacecamper
Colour Black
Material Abrasion-resistant and weather-resistant polyester fabric
Dimension 170 x 144 cm
Pack Dimensions 30 x 25 x 7 cm
Included in delivery a big mosquito net covering
Weight 450 g
Suitable for all VW T6.1, T6 and T5 models (California Beach, Transporter Kombi, Multivan, Caravelle, etc.)


  • CaliLight, July 15, 2021

    Moskitonetz mit Zusatznutzen

    Das Moskitonetz hat unsere Erwartungen mehr als erfüllt. In unserem California Beach hat sich für uns sogar eine neue Nutzungsmöglichkeit ergeben: hinter der Rückbank, quer zur Fahrtrichtung kann nun einer von uns mit ausgestreckten Beinen, ans Seitenfenster gelehnt, angenehm relaxen, bei Frischluft und mit Privatsphäre. Währenddessen hat der andere den ganzen Wohnraum im vorderen Bereich frei, mit voller Stehhöhe bei geöffnetem Dach. Mir macht es Spaß, neue Camping-Features auszutüfteln. Ich verstehe die Philosophie von Spacecamper so, dass man bei einem Reisemobil unkonventionelle Lösungen braucht, die mehr sind, als die von zu Hause gewohnten vier Wände auf ein Fahrzeug zu übertragen. Das ist hier z.B. bei dem Moskitnetz mit Zusatznutzen voll aufgegangen.
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