SpaceCamper Storage Bag

Practical storage bag with press studs for secure attachment behind the seat and carrying strap for easy transport

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  • Designed in Germany

You are looking for a bag with even more pockets, for example to safely store dishes? Then the SpaceCamper Tableware Bag might be a great fit for you!

SpaceCamper Storage Bag

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SpaceCamper Storage Bag

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High quality product, original SpaceCamper

Based on the experience of the SpaceCamper engineers and their customers, it masters every test.

Safe storage in the bus

Thanks to the reconfigurable dividers, there is plenty of space to safely stow away in the storage bag.

Neck strap

Want to get moving? Simply release the packed bag from the seat and carry it comfortably with the wide shoulder strap.

The storage bag - a storage space miracle

Put an end to the mess in your camping bus: The storage bag from SpaceCamper provides additional storage space in which nothing rattles. In here a multitude of accessories can find their well-padded place.
The sleek design - rich black with embroidered SpaceCamper lettering - also provides visual peace.
If you're traveling without a bus, then you can still take the storage bag with you thanks to the shoulder strap. If the bag is placed down, the carrying strap can be fixed to the underside of the storage bag. So it is not in the way when you open the top of the bag.

The dimensions: height 22 cm, width 45 cm, depth 12 cm.

The bag is delivered without contents. Fill it, for example, with your camping gear or other equipment. Also, 1.5-liter bottles fit into the storage bag.

Adjustable partitions

Depending on the contents that you want to store, you can adjust the size of the two compartments. Due to the Velcro attachment points, the partition can be easily moved to your desired fit.

You are looking for a bag with several compartments, e.g. to store dishes safely? Then the SpaceCamper Tableware Bag might be a better fit for you!

The storage bag is easily attachable to the back of a front seat. Due to its slim shape, it takes up little space and yet is always within hand's reach.

Will the storage bag also fit in other camping buses?

Although the storage bag was made primarily for the VW T5 and T6, it also fits in other camping buses. For example, in the Mercedes Benz Viano – here the tableware bag fits very well in the recess behind the passenger seat. Unfortunately, the seat console is not as high as in the VW. This makes a permanent installation only possible in certain conditions.
In the Ford Transit the bag does not fit behind the passenger seat, as it blocks the ventilation slot.

How to install the SpaceCamper storage bag

To ensure that nothing flies around in the bus during sudden driving maneuvers, the SpaceCamper storage bag can be attached to the console of a front seat. On the back of the storage bag, there are two straps with buttons. The insertion points for the buttons are fastened into the plastic trim of the console. When attached, the storage bag stands securely during every ride.

  1. Place the bag directly behind the passenger seat.
  2. Take the flaps of the bag and make two marks where the push buttons comfortably reach the cover of the seat
  3. Screw in the opposite side of the buttons into the plastic cover with an electric screwdriver

Now you can secure your storage bag when you are on the road.

The storage bag in the field

Here Christian presents the SpaceCamper dish & storage bags

Additional Information

SKU sc0084
Year 2020
Manufacturer SpaceCamper
Colour Black
Material Abrasion-resistant and weather-resistant polyester fabric
Height 22 cm
Width 45 cm
Depth 12 cm
Included in delivery a storage bag with a shoulder strap and attachment material
Weight 900 g
Suitable for all VW T6.1, T6 and T5 (California Beach, Transporter Kombi, Multivan, Caravelle, etc.)



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