Spacecamper Tableware Bag

Tableware, cutlery & more always at hand in the practical dish bag directly behind the driver's or passenger's seat

  • Original product in exclusive distribution
  • Designed in Germany

You are looking for a bag with fewer pockets? Then the SpaceCamper Storage bag might suit you better!

Spacecamper Tableware Bag

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Spacecamper Tableware Bag

Instant delivery (2-6 working days)

  • Shipping to UK possible
  • Encrypted order with secure payment methods
Incl. 19% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

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High quality, original SpaceCamper product

Based on the experience of SpaceCamper's engineers and their customers the tableware bag aces every test in the field.

Tableware right at hand

The tableware bag keeps everything secured and within reach - from a plate to a potato peeler.

Details for important small parts

A mesh compartment that is accessible from the outside is perfect for sponges.

Practical storage miracle

Ideal for the VW T6.1, T6 and T5: Neatly arranged while everything in hands reach - that's how the dish bag from SpaceCamper presents itself. From now on, you no longer need an elaborate packing technique, so that no dishes fly around in the cupboard during the trip. Here, every plate and every cup has its well-padded place. Nothing rattles and nothing falls over!

The dimensions: height 22 cm, width 50 cm, depth 15 cm

The dish bag comes without any cutlery or dishes, thus you can fill the bag with the camping utensils of your choice.

Compartments for various small items

In the dish bag, every single item from the kitchen knife to the sponge finds its rightful place. On the outside is a large compartment for small items such as bottle openers, matches, and Co., and a small compartment with ventilation mesh, where a dish sponge can find its place. Sharp kitchen knives can be safely stored in the knife pocket with a zipper which is located on the lid. Mugs, cups, and bowls can be stored in the main compartment on the left and right; plates and cutlery find their place in the middle.

You are looking for a bag with fewer compartments, as to partition the storage space to your liking? Then the SpaceCamper Storage Bag might be what you are looking for!

The tableware bag can be easily attached to the back of a front seat. Due to its slim shape, it takes up little space and yet is always quickly at hand whenever needed. If the bus needs to be completely unloaded, the dish bag can be carried with a shoulder strap.

What plates fit in the tableware bag?

The tableware bag is ideal for plates with a maximum diameter of 25 cm. For larger plates, the lid of the bag can not be closed.

Will the tableware bag fit other camping buses?

Although the tableware bag was made primarily for the VW T5 and T6, it also fits in other camping buses. For example, in the Mercedes Benz Viano – here the tableware bag fits very well in the recess behind the passenger seat. Unfortunately, the seat console is not as high as in the VW. That makes a permanent installation only possible in certain conditions.

In the Ford Transit, the bag does not fit behind the passenger seat, as it blocks the ventilation slot

How to set up the tableware bag

Here is how you can securely attach the tableware bag inside your bus:

  1. Place the tableware bag directly behind the passenger seat
  2. Take the flaps of the bag and make two marks where the buttons comfortably reach the cover of the seat
  3. Screw in the opposite side of the buttons into the plastic cover with an electric screwdriver

Now you can secure your tableware bag when you are on the road.

The tableware bag in the field

Here Christian presents the SpaceCamper dish & storage bags

Additional Information

SKU sc0002
Manufacturer SpaceCamper
Colour Black
Material Abrasion-resistant and weather-resistant polyester fabric
Height 22 cm
Width 50 cm
Depth 15 cm
Included in delivery a tableware bag, a shoulder strap
Weight 900 g
Suitable for all VW T6.1, T6 and T5 (California Beach, Transporter Kombi, Multivan, Caravelle, etc.)



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