SpaceCamper Folding Trash Can "Oskar"


The most charming solution for discreetly disposing of garbage while camping: With the SpaceCamper folding trash bag "Oskar" ugly garbage bags find a well-camouflaged place - and are still always quickly accessible. This neat black garbage bag with a lid gets a place of honor on one of your car tires. A special elastic strap makes it possible to easily attach the trash can.
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SKU sc0094
Manufacturer Spacecamper
Weight 100 g

Attached to the front or rear tire of your camper van, the trash can gets a convenient place that you always reach quickly and where the garbage is still not noticeable. Finally, no more hiding trash bags in front of, behind or under the bus - or having to constantly search for them!

Simply place the elastic strap over the tire of your VW T6.1, T6, T5 or other camper, and the trash can is securely in front of the wheel. This is ensured through incorporated rings at the top and bottom. A plastic garbage bag can then be easily wrapped around the upper ring. At the bottom, the trash can is open so that no dirt or liquids can accumulate there. And if the trash bag is not used, it can be folded flat and easily stored.

The fabric is made of Cordura, a very robust polyamide fabric popular in the outdoor sector. It is particularly abrasion resistant, quick drying and water repellent. Inside and on the back, the garbage can is additionally coated and thus easily wipeable. Thanks to the soft fabric, tires and rims are also not damaged.


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