New in 2018 - Next Season's Outwell Drive-Away Awnings

New Model: Drive-Away Awning Country Road SA is replaced by Scenic Road SA

You may be looking for the drive-away awnings called Country Road, Ocean Road or even one of the older models California Highway or Hollywood Freeway? All of these will soon be gone from our website because Outwell's product development team has come up with a complete new collection of drive-away awnings for the 2018 camping season. The new tents will replace all older models.

What's new:

  • new features
  • new models
  • new sizes
  • new names

Drive-away tunnels and domes in front of your camping bus

The new product collection of Outwell's drive-away awnings includes tunnel tents and dome tents in 2018, too. All tents are aligned with the bus to have the front opening parallel to the camping bus's side door.
All tunnel tents of the 2018 season bear the name Scenic Road, they resemble the Country Road models of 2017. The dome tents series is called Milestone, which compare to the Daytona tents of 2017.

Pitching - either inflatable or with poles

If you are looking for an inflatable drive-away awning, watch out for all models with an Air or SA (Smart Air) suffix. The SA models have advanced air tube system where all tubes are connected so there is only a single inlet valve. With the Air models, where each air tube has its own valve, the pitching is done a lot faster than with poles.

The Smart Air tunnel tents with one valve:

That's what it looked like in 2017: The inflatable dome tent Daytona by Outwell, 2018 replaced by Milestone Pro Air
  • Outwell Scenic Road 200 SA
  • Outwell Scenic Road 250 SA
  • Outwell Scenic Road 300 SA

The Air dome tents with multiple valves:

  • Outwell Milestone Air
  • Outwell Milestone Pro Air
  • Outwell Milestone Pace Air

Drive-Away Awnings with classic poles

When you travel to areas with big temperature swings, a tent with a common pole system could be the better choice. Temperature swings make for changes in the air pressure, which has an impact on the air tubes, too. They lose some of their stability until you check the pressure again and maybe refill the tubes.

Tunnel tents with poles:

  • Outwell Scenic Road 200
  • Outwell Scenic Road 250
  • Outwell Scenic Road 300

Dome tents with poles:

  • Outwell Milestone
  • Outwell Milestone Pro
  • Outwell Milestone Pace

New features of Drive-Away Awnings in 2018

New in 2018 - Drive-Away Awnings with canopies instead of link access zones

The new collection includes a few drive-away awnings that are really made to drive away anytime: Instead of a constant connection to your bus (Link Access Zone) they have a canopy on the side that is directed at the bus. The models Milestone Pace and Milestone Pace Air are not connected to your vehicle. So you can leave the tent at the camping lot and go for a tour by car - no need to unthread any connectors. The canopy serves as a rain shelter for the space between car and tent.
The drive-away awnings with a sophisticated connection - Milestone, Milestone Air, Milestone Pro, Milestone Pro Air, as well as all models of the series Scenic Road and Scenic Road SA - make sure that you can safely step from your camping bus into the tent without any rain, wind or dew to bother you. The groundsheet is made in a way to keep out draughts, too. This Link Access Zone is about 80 to 90 cm deep and has sidedoors to both sides, so you can get out of the car without the need to walk through the drive-away awning.

Better ventilation thanks to completely opened sides

Outside, enjoying the fresh air and taking a deep breath - that's exactly what we love about camping. In the new drive-away awnings by Outwell you can do that even indoors, thanks to completely opened front and rear sides.

The tents Milestone Pro Air, Milestone Pace Air, Milestone Pro, Milestone Pace and all Scenic Road and Scenic Road SA models can be zipped open on the whole rear side. The way from tent to bus is then completely unobstructed.
Fresh air comes in via the front side when you pull the zippers here too. To make sure that nature does not come too close, an insect-proof mesh shields you from buzzing and biting guests that would interfere with your relaxation.

The tents Milestone Air and Milestone have grand doors at the front and back, so you can air these awnings too. They also have the insect-proof mesh at the front side. However, a complete opening of the whole side is not possible here.

Infinitely variable curtains

For those who like to have the curtains just as high as necessary to prevent the sun from blinding you, the new curtains will be the new favourite feature: The drive-away awning series Scenic Road and Scenic Road SA have zip-up curtains, which allow for a steplessly variable control of light incidence. All Milestone tents have curtains with fixed steps to open the curtains, completely, half or not at all.

Touring Canopy 2018 With Sides

The Cruising Canopy, introduced in 2017, was a big success. So in 2018, Outwell takes a step further and turns it into a whole Touring Canopy collection. The popular canopy with its variable attachment height of 180 to 330 cm only changes its name to Canopy M. In addition, there are now also the variations Canopy L and Canopy XL, which come with sides that are fixed at the ground. These sides also have triangular windows to give you a good look at the bad weather that won't get to you.

Different attachment heights of Outwell Touring Canopy

The awning Canopy M can be connected to all camping busses, caravans and other vehicles with a keder profile at 180 to 330 cm height. For the Canopy L, it's a little different: The attachment height needs to be 180 to 240 cm. Canopy XL is only suitable for higher vehicles: The required attachment height is 240 to 300 cm.
As a result, Canopy XL has more headroom, even at the front bow it's 220 cm high, 10 cm higher than Canopy M and Canopy L. The width is bigger, too: Canopy XL is 350 cm wide, Canopy L and M are 320 cm wide.

Overview of all new Outwell Drive-Away Awnings 2018

Model Height
in cm
in cm
in cm
Hydrostatic head
in cm
in kg
Attachment height
in cm
Inner tent
Link Access Zone Pitching Side doors
Scenic Road 200 SA 225 340 200 6000 23,0 180 - 205 no present inflatable none
Scenic Road 250 SA 225 340 250 6000 25,5 180 - 205 yes present inflatable none
Scenic Road 300 SA 225 340 300 6000 27,5 180 - 205 yes present inflatable zwei
Milestone Air 220 280 300 3000 15,5 180 - 205 yes present inflatable none
Milestone Pro Air 220 280 300 3000 16,0 180 - 205 yes present inflatable one
Milestone Pace Air 220 280 300 3000 15,0 yes no inflatable none
Scenic Road 200 225 340 200 4000 21,3 180 - 205 no present poles none
Scenic Road 250 225 340 250 4000 26,0 180 - 205 yes present poles none
Scenic Road 300 225 340 300 4000 30,0 180 - 205 yes present poles zwei
Milestone 210 280 300 3000 14,5 180 - 205 yes present poles none
Milestone Pro 210 280 300 3000 15,5 180 - 205 yes present poles one
Milestone Pace 210 280 300 3000 13,2 yes no poles none
Canopy M 210 320 300 3000 4,8 180 - 330 no no poles none
Canopy L 210 320 300 3000 6,3 180 - 240 no no poles none
Canopy XL 220 350 300 3000 6,5 240 - 300 no no poles none


Drive-Away Awning names of earlier collections & new models in 2018

If you know your way around the older Outwell tent models, you will soon be familiar with the new names, too. To make the mapping of sizes and features easier for you, we have listed popular older models and their new counterparts:

Atlantic Road - Scenic Road 200
Atlantic Road SA - Scenic Road 200 SA

California Highway - Scenic Road 300

Canopy - Canopy M

Country Road - Scenic Road 250
Country Road SA - Scenic Road 250 SA

Darlington - Scenic Road 200
Darlington Air - Scenic Road 200 SA

Daytona - Milestone Pro
Daytona Air - Milestone Pro Air

Hollywood Freeway - Scenic Road 250 SA

Ocean Road - Scenic Road 300
Ocean Road SA - Scenic Road 300 SA

Santa Monica Highway - Scenic Road 200

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