Payment conditions

Payment Methods

Dear customers,
in principle, the following payment options are available to you for the payment of your orders:


Pay Upon Invoice

With payment upon invoice, you first receive the goods and then pay. Simply select "payment upon invoice" in our order process. You will find all the necessary information in your invoice. This payment option is limited to orders with delivery within Germany.

Credit Card

Payment via Credit Card

Pay conveniently, easily, and securely with your credit card. We accept Visa and Mastercard. During the order process, we need in addition to your credit card company, the card number, the validity, and the security digit of your card. The purchase amount will be transferred immediately to our bank account. Thus, you will receive your goods even faster.

Direct Debit

Payment via SEPA Direct Debit

In contrast to a bank transfer, the payment transaction for direct debit is not initiated by the payer, but by the payee. Thanks to the lower effort for the buyer and the planning security for the seller, the direct debit procedure is very popular as a payment method. All that is required is a direct debit order from the customer to the seller, which the customer can revoke at any time.


Payment via PayPal

The PayPal payment method allows you to pay securely, easily and quickly in online stores. The purchase amount is immediately transferred to our bank account. Thus you receive your goods faster. Prerequisite for payment with PayPal is a free PayPal registered user account. You can find more information about PayPal at

Sofort Banking

Payment via SOFORT Banking by Klarna

When paying by SOFORT Banking, you will be redirected to the SOFORT BAnking website after completing your order, where you can make the payment quickly and conveniently with login data from your online banking. This payment option is limited to orders with delivery within Germany.

Sofort Banking

Payment via paydirekt

Register once via your online banking with paydirekt and benefit from convenient payment with username and password. After completing the order, you will be redirected to the paydirekt page. As soon as you have made the payment, we will receive a payment confirmation and immediately forward your order to the shipping department.

Faster ordering process

In addition to the classic ordering process with the above-mentioned payment methods, we also offer you two other options with which you can send your order to us even faster.

PayPal Express

Order with PayPal Express

On product pages as well as in the cart you will find the button "Checkout with PayPal". Click this button and log into your PayPal account. The address data and payment choice saved in PayPal is used for your order at SpaceCamper-Shop. You can select your preferred choice from the data stored in your PayPal account. You then continue to the checkout review page in our store where you can check all information, choose a shipping method and finish your order.

Amazon Pay

Order with Amazon Pay

In the shopping cart you have the option to place your order via Amazon Pay instead of going to the normal checkout. To do this, log in with your Amazon customer account data. You will then see your addresses and payment methods that you have stored on Amazon in our store, which you can select. This saves you from having to enter the address information and you can use the usual Amazon payment methods, such as direct debit or credit card payment.Your order will immediately be forwarded to our shipping team.