Trelino Origin S separation toilet

Your game-changer: With the Trelino S separation toilet, you are now completely self-sufficient and environmentally conscious on the road in your bus. Thanks to its small dimensions, it fits into any van. Get even more of that "at home" feeling in your camper with the Trelino!

The Trelino S is about the size of a beer crate:
- Width 34,5 cm
- Length 40,0 cm
- Height 28,5 cm

At only 5.2 kg, the Trelino S is a real flyweight.
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SKU sc0108
Colour Black/Anthracite
Material polyethylene
Dimension • Width 34,5 cm • Length 40,0 cm • Height 28,5 cm
Included in delivery Toilet body • wooden lid with holding magnets • toilet seat with integrated separating insert • urine canister • solids container • lid with membrane shutter • spare lid
Weight 5.2 kg

Independent and sustainable
By eliminating the need for water and chemicals, the Trelino S gives you the freedom to travel without the need for disposal stations - environmentally friendly and resource-conserving.

Small business
The urine canister has a volume of 3.5 ℓ and holds 7 to 10 number ones.

Big business
The solids bucket has a volume of 6 ℓ and holds 3 to 6 number twos.

The separating and drying function of the toilet prevents the formation of odors.

Hygiene and cleanliness
Individually removable containers allow for separate emptying and easy cleaning.

Solid workmanship makes the body leak-proof and protects against unpleasant mishaps on the go.

Water resistance
The body made of polyethylene is water-resistant and can therefore also be used in wet rooms.

With its high-quality, robust body, the Trelino® S can take on any adventure.

Thanks to its short emptying cycles, the Trelino® S does not require a fan.

The body and container of the Trelino are made of recyclable, acid- and chemical-resistant polyethylene (PE). The waterproof glued lid is made of multilayer, untreated birch wood.

Lid fastening
The lid is kept in place by holding magnets, which ensure that the toilet always remains well closed.

With its stylish wooden lid and shapely curves, the Trelino S fits into any interior.

Regional production
Production is carried out exclusively in Germany, taking into account high welfare standards.



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