LifeStraw Go 2-Filter Grey Water bottle with built-in water filter


When we are out and about, we tend to underestimate how much water we drink in the course of one busy day. During any trip, hike or tour along rivers, streams, at lakes or other water spots, you can now easily refill your water supply. Simply fill this bottle, close it and drink through the filter - immediately ready for action.
The LifeStraw Go 2-Filter water bottle combines handy details of a sports water bottle with a unique filter system made by LifeStraw. The modern microfiltration membran technology removes 99,99% of bacteria and 99,9% of protozoan cysts. An additionally included active carbon capsule cleans the water even more, removing bad smells and bad taste, chlorine and organic as well as chemical substances.
No electricity or batteries needed, the bottle and filter don't contain BPA, chemicals or iodine. The LifeStraw Go 2-Filter water bottle has been tested and certified by EU regulations 10/2011 and 1935/2004 for food safety.
The bottle is 235 mm long, has a 80 mm diameter and contains 0,64 liters. It's very light with only about 200 gramm. The filter can be used for up to 1.000 liters.
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Additional Information

SKU bz0016
Manufacturer LifeStraw
Colour Grey
Dimension 235 x 80 mm
Weight 168 g



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