Outwell Kamloops Camping Table


A natural look on top, a light frame underneath - Kamloops is both a chic and practical piece of camping furniture.
The durable bamboo plate has a soft grain pattern with only one groove running along the table's middle. Therefore, the whole table top has a great even surface. Set on a sturdy aluminum frame, the Kamloops camping table by Outwell rests on light yet stable legs. All of Kamloops' legs have adjustable feet for a safe stand.

If it's not a monsoon coming up, then Kamloops can handle some rain so you can leave it outside your bus tent without any worries.

This table is very easy to fold. Since its weight is only 8.5 kg, you can flip it over grabbing hold of both shorter sides. Unlock the legs and fold them inwards. Unlock the table top and fold it once in the middle. Once folded like this, you can lock it again to make sure Kamloops stays in its handy folded format. There are handles on both sides for easy carrying of the table. For longer transports and storage, Outwell's Kamloops comes with a carry bag.
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Additional Information

SKU ow0058
Manufacturer Outwell
Material Bamboo and aluminium
Dimension 72 x 100 x 70 cm
Pack Dimensions 37 x 100 x 8 cm
Weight 8.5 kg
Max. load 80 kg
Suitable for inside the bus tent or a dinner in the open
Details wood tabletop, height adjusting system


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