SpaceCamper Window Cover Complete Set - Front Window and Side Windows

Protection from light, heat and cold for the windscreen and both side windows of VW VW T6.1, T6 and T5

  • Original SpaceCamper product in exclusive distribution
  • Designed in Germany

SpaceCamper Window Cover Complete Set - Front Window and Side Windows

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Price as configured: €299.00

SpaceCamper Window Cover Complete Set - Front Window and Side Windows

Instant delivery (2-6 working days)

  • Free shipping within Germany
  • 2% discount for prepayment

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High quality product, original SpaceCamper

These window covers have been designed and thoroughly tested by SpaceCamper engineers.

Protected from heat, cold and light

The window covers keep out the light, at the same time enabling you to vent the bus, while the windscreen is protected from heat and cold

Clever details

The hood lets you easily open your window and keep important equipment at hand in its inner pocket.

The complete set of Spacecamper window covers

Lights off, fresh air inside. With this complete set of window covers for the cab of VW T6.1, T6 and T5 you can keep a comfortable temperature inside your bus no matter if it is cold or hot outside. The covers keep out the light and thereby prevent the sun rays to heat up the air inside. The windscreen as well as both windows of the side doors are covered by opaque material which provides a private space for the user.

Insulation for the windscreen

The cover for the windscreen is equipped with an insulating side. It cannot be packed as small as the side window covers - it's more the size of a classic frontscreen cover - but preventing the cooling of the big glass area by the winter's cold air is essential as to keep the bus warm inside.

Thanks to loops around the exterior mirrors and attachment points inside the vehicle on the A-pillar, the windshield blackout stays securely in place.

We send Velcro stickers with every order of a windshield blackout, which you stick on the A-pillar of the interior.

Perfect fit for the side doors

The window covers for the cab's side doors are made of opaque, yet light material. It is two-sided and is fitted on the door like a hood. You can still open the window between the two layers of fabric. However, insects stay outside - a mesh layer keeps them from entering. On the side window cover's, you find a pocket to store whatever you need in arm's reach.
The window covers are attached to the outside mirrors with a velcro strap. They can also be put on doors with wind deflectors.

How to attach the SpaceCamper Window Covers

We show you how to put the window covers on your bus:

Lay the windshield darkening flat onto the windows. Fasten it with the loops on the exterior mirrors and with the supplied Velcro stickers inside the vehicle on the A-pillar. To do so, stick the Velcro stickers supplied to the A-pillar in the door rebate. The retaining strap of the blackout is then first attached to the Velcro fastener of the darkening on the outside and then to the Velcro sticker on the inside.

To darken the side doors, open the driver or passenger door and slip the matching side cover over it. The SpaceCamper logo must always be on the outside in the top corner. Pull the hood down and secure it around the outside mirror using Velcro.

Now you can open the window, put up the bars on the outside with Velcro and the bus is happy about a portion of fresh air.

Additional Information

SKU sc0062
Manufacturer Spacecamper
Colour Black/Grey
Included in delivery Covers for windscreen as well as one for each side window (left and right)
Weight 2 kg
Suitable for VW T6.1, T6 and T5 - even with wind deflectors


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Designed by SpaceCamper in Darmstadt

Made by campers for campers

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