Outwell Cotton Liner Sleeping Bag Inlet


Make yourself at home with this extra comfy inlet for your sleeping bag. It protects the sleeping bag from - well, from you, and the traces of your outdoor adventures. The inlet is a lot easier to wash than a sleeping bag. You can put it in a washing machine, too.
It is made of cotton for a nice touch and can be fit into a range of Outwell's sleeping bags for adults. One of the matching sleeping bags is Outwell Slaapzak Camper.
There, you'll find attachment loops to fix the inlet so you don't wake up in a chaos.
The zipper runs along a third of the sleeping bag inlet for easy entry and exit. It also makes it easier to properly vent the inlet.
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Artikelnummer ow0079
Fabrikant Outwell
Kleur Grijs
Materiaal 100% Katoen
Lengte 185 cm
Breedte 80 cm
Geleverde producten Innenbezug und Transportbeutel
Gewicht 400 g


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