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BioLite CampStove 2 Bundle

BioLite CampStove 2 Bundle


Open fire has always mesmerized mankind. If only there wasn't all that smoke. With CampStove 2 by BioLite you can enjoy a real BBQ at an open fire without the need to wash your clothes afterwards.
The wood powered oven uses the fire's heat in a thermoelectric generator. The generator creates the necessary current for a fan which has four different speed levels and automatically adjusts to your fire to provide the optimal air circulation.

As soon as the fire creates more power than the fan needs, excess power is stored in a battery which you can use either during cooking or at a later point in time to charge your electronic devices.
At the front of CampStove 2 three LED columns in different colours provide you with handy information: The orange lights tell you about the fire's heat in 8 levels. In the middle, 4 blue LEDs signify the fan's speed levels. At the right, up to 8 green LEDs show the battery's charge status. When two or more green LEDs are on, the USB output is ready to charge your devices.
There is no need to worry that you might need to cut down half of the forest or even lift an axe. 46 g of biomass, e.g. sticks, twigs, pinecones, or wood pellets, are sufficient to boil 1 liters of water within 4.5 minutes.
In this bundle you don't only get the BioLite CampStove 2 but also PortableGrill, the grill to put on top of CampStove 2, and KettlePot, a container to boil water, make coffee or cook food.
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Artikelnummer bz0011
Fabrikant BioLite
Kleur Zilver/Oranje
Dimensie CampStove 2 21 cm hoch, 12,7 cm breit, KettlePot 25,9 cm hoch, 13,2 cm breit, PortableGrill 24,1 x 30,5 x 8,25 cm
Gewicht 3,2 kg


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