Alutec Box BASIC 80


How about a packing that keeps your valuables away from dust and splash water? The Alutec Box Basic 80 with 80 liters capacity offers a lot of space in your van's boot or wherever else you place it.
When you want to carry it, the handles on both short sides will provide the necessary grip. They are covered in plastic to prevent any slip. When you let go of the handles, they fall back down and don't take up more space than necessary. That makes it easier to push the box inside your car.
The lid is closed with two robust fasteners. The rubber seal makes sure that the lid is firmly closed and prevents any annoying rattling. If you wish to secure the contents of your box, you can simply add padlocks. The fasteners are also prepared to be supplemented by cylinder locks.
The walls of Alutec's box Basic 80 are 0,8 mm thick which helps to keep the weight at a low value of only 4,2 kg. To make it extra sturdy, the corners and bottom are reinforced.
The predecessor of this box was named A81. The new model is a bit lighter than the old model.
  • Verzending naar Nederland slechts 9,90 EUR iVerschillende prijzen voor goederen voor vracht avlevering.
  • Vele betaalmethoden mogelijk.
  • Alle betaalmethodes zonder extra kosten.
€ 89,00
Incl. 19% BTW, excl. Verzendkosten

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Artikelnummer sc0046
Fabrikant ALUTEC
Kleur Zilver
Materiaal Aluminium
Dimensie 75,0 x 35,5 x 30,0 cm Innenmaße
Packmaße 77,5 x 38,5 x 32,5 cm
Geleverde producten eine Aluminiumbox mit Deckel und Kunststoff-ummantelten Griffen
Volume 81 l
Gewicht 4,18 kg
Geschikt voor alle Camper, die den Deckel drauf machen wollen


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