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Lüftungsgitter - T5 - Frontansicht

Airvent Ventilation Grille Exclusiv - right side

Manufacturer: Hülsberg

The Airvent ventilation grille in the exclusive version from Hülsberg with a rubber lip running all the way around offers fresh air in the vehicle without opening the doors and gates for everyone. At the same time the grille is very stable and can be fixed from the inside. In addition, there is a close-meshed grille on the inside so that no one can reach through the slats from the outside. The Airvent is made of aluminium, so that it is pleasantly light in installation and removal.

What is the difference between Airvent Exclusiv and the normal Airvent?

In the Exclusive version available here, the rubber lip runs completely around the ventilation grille, whereas in the normal version the rubber lip is only present on the upper edge and the upper corners of the air vent. The Exclusive variant offers due to the complete rubber lip a better protection against rainwater entering during windy rainy weather.

On which vehicles does the Airvent - right side fit?

This product fits in the sliding window on the right side of all VW T5 and T6. It does not fit on the VW T6.1. You can find the T6.1 grille in our shop as well.

The sliding window of your bus is left side behind the driver's seat?

Airvent ventilation grilles are also available for left side.

What about right-hand drive vehicles?

It doesn't matter where the driver's seat is. You pick the Airvent for the side of the vehicle where the sliding window is.
Not sure yet which side it is? Imagine you sit in your bus, facing the windscreen. Is the sliding window to your left or to your right? Whatever the answer is, that's the Airvent you need.

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Artikelnummer sc0083
Jaar 2020
Fabrikant Hülsberg
Collectie Exclusiv
Zijde Rechts
Kleur Zwart/Antraciet
Materiaal Aluminium
Dimensie 50 x 50 x 5 cm
Packmaße 50 cm x 5 cm
Hoogte 50 cm
Breedte 50 cm
Diepte 5 cm
Geleverde producten 1 x Ventillation Grille for sliding window RIGHT
Gewicht 1,5 kg
Geschikt voor Original VW T5 and T6 sliding window


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Lüftungsgitter - T5 - Frontansicht
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