Aeromat 10.0 Deluxe

Manufacturer: DECONSA

The Aeromat is an inflatable mattress, specially developed for the SCA pop-up roof of VW T5 and T6 with short wheelbase. It is foldable, thus easy to carry and offers a minimum packing size with maximum comfort.
Two one-way valves ensure fast inflation, individual regulation of the degree of hardness for both mattress halves and venting. The Aeromat with a height of 3 cm also fits into the folded pop-up roof.
The mattress is unfortunately too small for the VW California, creating a gap on both sides.
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Artikelnummer sc0080
Fabrikant DECONSA
Kleur Zwart/Antraciet
Materiaal 100% polyester, onderkant 100% polyamide
Lengte 190 cm
Breedte 110 cm
Hoogte 3-10 cm
Gewicht 4,9 kg
Geschikt voor VW T5 and T6 with pop-up roof (SCA roof 190/194/196 KR)
Packma├če 68 x 58 x 24 cm

Five layers for your best comfort

The Aeromat sleeping system consists of five different layers that ensure lightness and cleanliness: the first layer is a breathable cover fabric that prevents heat accumulation and transfers moisture away from the body. The fabric feels very comfortable as well.
The second layer, made of a ventilation material with over 90% air content, enhances the comfort of lying down by ergonomically adapting and efficiently ventilating the system.
The third layer not only absorbs noise and stabilises the shape, but also protects against mites and mould. The fourth layer contains two insulated air cushions that evenly distribute the pressure through AirTubes. Two one-way valves on each half of the Aeromat make it possible to vary the degree of hardness of each half separately by inflating them more or less.
And last but not least there is the fifth layer, which is dirt and water repellent. It is also very easy to clean. So if you want to enjoy your nap on the Aeromat outdoors, simply put the Aeromat outside. Afterwards, the underside can simply be wiped clean to put it back into the roof bed.

All layers are individually suitable for 60┬░C machine washing.

High comfort and excellent quality

In our test, the Aeromat convinced us with its very comfortable lying surface and the clean workmanship. In contrast to conventional air mattresses, it feels much more like a normal mattress on top, and the annoying noises of an air mattress are not audible at all with the Aeromat. In our opinion, it is rightly called a hybrid sleeping system.

Easy handling

The two one-way valves on the bottom of the Aeromat can be inflated by mouth or an electric pump. Since it is not a complete air mattress, less volume needs to be inflated. When inflated, the mattress is 10 cm thick. If you let the air escape, the height decreases to 3cm. This way it fits exactly into the SCA roofs 190/194/196 KR. This means that the mattress can remain on top even when the pop-up roof is closed and there is less need to move it back and forth in the bus - which is easy on the mattress and your back.


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