Das Reisebett BulliBaby eingebaut im Bus
BulliBaby - Konzeptzeichnung
Reisebett BulliBaby passend für VW T6.1, T6, T5, T4
Beim BulliBaby verhindert ein fester Betthimmel, dass das Kind herausfällt oder -klettert.
Das Reisebett BulliBaby eingebaut im Bus
Mit dem 80 cm hohen Himmel nutzt das BulliBaby den Raum des Fahrerhauses
Ist der Reißverschluss geschlossen, kann das Kind nicht aus dem Bett herausfallen
Durch den geöffneten Reißverschluss zwischen den Vordersitzen wird das Kind ins Bett gehoben
Das Reisebett BulliBaby bietet Kindern ihren eigenen, geschützten Raum.
Im Reisebett BulliBaby ist genug Platz, um hier auch einfach mal in Ruhe zu spielen.
Der Betthimmel wird so an den Türgriffen befestigt, dass Kinder dies nicht öffnen können.
Der Metallrahmen und die Befestigung am Handgriff halten den Betthimmel stabil in seiner Position.
Die Einzelteile von BulliBaby - farbige Markierungen am Rahmen erleichtern den Zusammenbau.
Zeltstangen stabilisieren die Matratze
Reisebett BulliBaby verpackt in der Tragetasche

Travel Cot BulliBaby for VW T4, T5 and T6

For relaxed nights: the baby bed inside the driver's cab

  • Original product exclusively available here
  • Developed by camping parents
  • Secure sleep for children from 0 to 3 years

Travel Cot BulliBaby for VW T4, T5 and T6

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Travel Cot BulliBaby for VW T4, T5 and T6

Item is being procured

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Secure Hold

The first baby bed inside a VW bus driver's cab with a secure curtain all around it. It prevents your baby from climbing or falling out its bed.

Quiet Sleep

Cozy sleeping space with a foam mattress: comfortable, but hard enough to prevent the head from sinking in, good ventilation thanks to mesh fabric.

High Quality Material

The fabric is made of 100% cotton with a weight of 250 g/qm - very robust and possible to wipe clean.

The travel bed BulliBaby

For families camping is great. Couples, who went camping with a VW bus before starting a family, do not want to give up on this type of travelling once it's no longer two of them. Many of couples use their parental leave to be on tour with the little one and their camping bus.

But for the really young ones there is no suitable sleeping spot inside a VW T4, T5 or T6. While they sleep well inside a pram or between their parents, but that takes up a lot of space or disturbs their parents' precious sleep. The travel bed BulliBaby creates a safe and comfortable sleeping spot on the front chairs.

Hauke Pasch, who lives with his wife and two sons in New Zealand, has designed this travel bed for VW busses. His family has lived inside a VW bus for several months. None of the travel beds available on the market was able to convince them fully, so he created his own solution.

How to turn the VW bus into a family camper:

  • The bed turns the otherwise often unused space in the driver's cab into an additional sleeping spot for babies and toddlers.
  • Safety advantage: In contrast to other travel beds the lower part of this bed is tightly connected to the curtain, so the baby cannot climb or fall out of the bed.
  • In order to set the travel cot up, the bus needs to have handles at both front doors. These can easily be retrofitted.
  • The VW T4, T5 or T6 remains a viable solution for families, without the need to switch to a bigger caravan.
  • The child has its own retreat to which it can build a connection.
  • Fast setup and space-saving storage in the travel bed's bag.

The dimensions of the travel bed BulliBaby

Dimensions of mattrass: Length: 115 cm Width: 40 - 55 cm (a little smaller near the steering wheel) Height: 25 cm From the bed's bottom to the connection with the bus handles, the curtain is ca. 80 cm high. Variable length of the construction: 167 - 187 cm The packing dimensions are 60 x 30 x 18 cm.

Does the travel cot BulliBaby also fit in the...

  • Mercedes Vito / Viano / V-Class – Yes, everything fits here.
  • VW bus with double bench seat on the passenger side: This fits, it can only be a little more difficult to lift the child into bed, because the gap between the driver's seat and double bench seat is narrower than between the driver's seat and passenger seat.
  • Toyota Hiace - Yes, it fits.
  • Ford Transit V362 (Nugget) / Renault Master (2019) – The distance between the seat cushion and handles is too large;. So the bed canopy can not be attached to the handles with the Velcro fasteners.Only the bottom part could be used here. Alternatively: Our customers tell us that they can still use the bed via additional extensions to the handles, even if it does not fit one hundred percent. However, we assume no liability for the use of the bed with homemade extensions that are not included with the bed.
  • Ford Transit V363 (Big Nugget) – Unfortunately no.
  • Fiat Ducato / Citroën Jumper / Nissan NV 300 – Unfortunately no.On the sloping door panel, the frame of the bed does not rest properly. Also, the mattress here can not rest on the seats.
  • VW Crafter – Unfortunately, no. The upper frame of the bed canopy is too narrow and does not reach the grab handles.
  • Peugeot Boxer (Weinsberg Pepper 2019) – Unfortunately no. The window frames are rounded here and the bed can not rest properly.
  • Toyota ProAce (PSA Group) – Unfortunately no.There is a slight slant and the headliner can not be attached due to the lack of handles.
  • Mercedes Sprinter - Unfortunately it does not fit.

BulliBaby Zeichnung

How to set up the travel bed:

  1. The lying area (the lower part) is hung up inside the diver's cab with a metal frame. The lower part is additionally stabilized with tent poles. The metal frame rests on the arm rests and window frame inside the doors to get a straight, stable position. To prevent any damage to your bus' interior the frame is covered with foam material where needed.
  2. The bed's curtain (the top part) is held up with loops and doublesided velcro straps at the handles inside the driver's cab. The loops are similar to the leash you might know from surfers. They use it to secure their board to their ankles. It is a very robust attachment which doesn't give way even if your child pulls on it.
  3. The curtain is attached with velcro straps and press buttons to the lower part. The sleeping area of your child is completely closed so that it can't climb or fall out of it, nor grab something from outside. The zipper between the front seats is the entrance to the bed.

    You want to see the installation in detail?

    German Instructions as PDF file

    Press photos:

    We gladly provide you with high resolution photos in print quality for media coverage of the travel bed BulliBaby. Please send us an email to

Additional Information

SKU sc0067
Manufacturer KiLe
Colour Blue/White
Length 115 cm
Width 40-55 cm
Height 25 cm
Included in delivery Babybett mit Matratze, Rahmen und Vorhang in Tragetasche
Weight 3 kg
Suitable for Kinder von 0 bis mindestens 3 Jahren, die im VW T6.1, T6, T5 oder T4 schlafen
Pack Dimensions 60 x 30 x 18 cm


  • Sebastian Gabriel, July 13, 2021

    Auch im Toyota Hiace verwendbar

    Wir sind seit 4 Wochen mit dem Bett unterwegs, und unsere Kleine und wir sind ziemlich happy. Man merkt beim Einbau, dass das Bett für VW konzipiert ist und nicht für einen Toyota Hiace, aber mit etwas Probieren und Übung geht es dann auch da ganz gut rein. Da wir eine Bank vorne haben, über die wir die Kleine immer heben müssen, wäre es sicher praktischer, wenn man den Himmel eher wie einen Vorhang aufziehen und schließen könnte - aktuell ist dieser immer das zu überwindende Hindernis. Der Himmel ist außerdem etwas umständlich an den Handgriffen zu befestigen (aber passt schon).
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