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LifeStraw - clean drinking water wherever you go

Enjoy pure water on every trip. In Western Europe we take it for granted that tap water is safe to drink. However, if you move a few hundred kilometers to the South, you have to be more careful. With a water filter made by LifeStraw at hand, you can drink fresh and clean water while you travel. In water bottles, water bags or directly from a straw the LifeStraw filters remove 99,999% of all bacteria.

For every use case, there is a matching filter, ranging from a sporadic use while you're out hiking to longterm use at a camp ground. The main difference is between water filters and water purifiers. Water filters by LifeStraw, such as LifeStraw Steel, LifeStraw Personal and LifeStraw Go 2-Filter water bottles, are equipped with special hollow fabre filters for micro filtration and active carbon filters. 99,9999% of all bacteria and 99,9% of protozoans are removed from your water.

If you travel to regions where water might be contaminated with viruses, a water purifier is the right choice. Compared to water filters, water purifiers have much smaller filter pores - they are only one tenth of the size of water filters. Thereby, 99,9999% of bacteria, 99,999% of viruses and 99,99% of protozoans are filtered. One of these water purifiers is LifeStraw Mission, which filters 9 to 12 liters of water per hour.

Every fresh water source becomes your water supply
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