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Camping Kitchen

Camping Kitchen

Cooking while camping always means: Cooking under difficult conditions. The utensils must be small enough to fit in the Bulli. For this reason the number of burners is usually limited and power is not always available. There is only one thing you definitely don't need: an extractor hood! We have put together products that supports in our opinion, the camp cook and withstands the special requirements.

Our recommendation: Camper Van glasses! Our recommendation: Camper Van glasses!
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Gemustert oder einfarbig, Bambus oder Melamin, hier gibt es für jeden Geschmack etwas.

Cooking Accessories
Faltbares Campingzubehör spart Platz und manche Variante für unterwegs ist auch zuhause eine große Hilfe.

Stove & Grill
Vom kompakten Gasgrill bis zum Multifunktionsgerät gibt es hier unsere liebsten Anheizer.

Everything you need for your camping kitchen

When you're out camping, preparing meals is slightly different to the routines you have at home. Surfaces for cutting are smaller, the usual tools might not travel with you, there is no oven. Still, usually everyone is happy after the meal.

Camping tableware made of Melamine

Bumpy streets and potholes, we know them all too well from camping sites in nature. With Melamine tableware in your bus you can enjoy the unevenness of the road. Especially if you have the tableware secured in a tableware bag. No chattering or rattling anymore!

Save some space with foldable accessories

Pots, colanders, tea pots, foldable camping accessories save a lot of space. They are made of silicone, plastics or stainless steel, these little helpers are light, too. Our own favourite among these foldable camping tools for camping kitchens is the Collaps Washing Base. It's quite simply the best solution for doing the dishes at a camp site: The dirty dishes can be carried to the next water sources in the washing base. Cutlery is placed in the lid when it's turned upside down. When the washing is done, let the water flow away from the drain in the bottom.