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Selected Equipment for Trips with Your Camping Bus

Drive-Away Awnings
Protected from wind and bad weather drive-away awnings bring an extra amount of privacy and personal space to any place in the world

Equipment for Your Bus
With the right accessories and equipment you can turn your bus into a 5 star residence

Camping Furniture

Among the essential camping guides are comfortable camping chairs, stable campings and cabinets with useful details

Camping Kitchen
Vom Campinggas über den Grill bis zur Gabel finden Sie hier alles für leckere Gerichte und die unkomplizierte Campingküche

Camping Equipment
It's the little things that take your travels from cool to comfortable, for example an easy to handle lamp or a fluffy sleeping bag.

The famous SpaceCamper logo is not just available on the bus, you can also get original SpaceCamper t-shirts and jackets here

Basic Equipment

Gift ideas
Wanderlust is in season all year round. Winter gift ideas for camping friends can be found here.

Sparen im Set