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Frischluftgitter - T5 - eingebaut
Lüftungsgitter - T5 - Frontansicht
Frischluftgitter - T5 - eingebaut
Frischluftgitter - T5 - eingebaut

Airvent Ventilation Grille Exclusiv - left side

Manufacturer: Hülsberg

The ventilation grille Airvent Exclusive from Hülsberg with a rubber lip on all sides allows you to let fresh air into your Bulli and at the same time to not offer access to the vehicle to everyone. The grille is adjustable from the inside and is made of aluminium, allowing easy installation and removal. The additional, internal and close-meshed grille prevents flies from crawling into the vehicle.

How does the Airvent Exclusiv differ from the normal Airvent?

In the Exclusive version presented here, the rubber lip runs all the way around the ventilation grille, whereas the normal version only comes with a rubber lip on the upper edge and the upper corners of the Airvent. Thanks to the continuous rubber lip, the Exclusiv variant offers better protection against rainwater entering during windy rainy weather.

On which vehicles does the Airvent - left side fit?

This product fits into the sliding window on the left side of all VW T5 and T6. It does not fit on a T6.1. In this case you have to use the grille that Hülsberg developed especially for the T6.1.

Is there also an airvent for the right side?

Yes, Airvent ventilation grilles are also available for the right side.

What about right-hand drive vehicles?

It doesn't matter where the driver's seat is. You pick the Airvent for the side of the vehicle where the sliding window is.
Not sure yet which side it is? Imagine you sit in your bus, facing the windscreen. Is the sliding window to your left or to your right? Whatever the answer is, that's the Airvent you need.

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Additional Information

SKU sc0082
Year 2020
Manufacturer Hülsberg
Collection Exclusiv
Side Left
Colour Black/Anthracite
Material Aluminum
Dimension 50 x 50 x 5 cm
Pack Dimensions 50 cm x 5 cm
Height 50 cm
Width 50 cm
Depth 5 cm
Included in delivery 1 x Ventillation Grille for sliding window LEFT
Weight 1.5 kg
Suitable for Original VW T5 and T6 sliding window


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Lüftungsgitter - T5 - Frontansicht
Incl. 16% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Instant delivery (2-6 working days)

Lüftungsgitter - T5 - Frontansicht
Incl. 16% Tax, excl. Shipping Cost

Instant delivery (2-6 working days)